Rode Zangeres


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The “Singer in Red” feels completely “happy” because she sings. Singing is healthy! Singing relaxes and gives energy. When you sing, endorphins are released. These substances are pain-relieving and give you a feeling of happiness. By singing you can relax and you will get more energy from singing!

Singing trains the vocal cords, and that ‘sounds’ less old. And the youthful vocal chords also make you feel younger. Singing requires concentration and if you often sing, you can focus better. Singing is good for your body, just leave your attitude. That is suddenly much better.

Oxytocin is also called the ‘cuddle hormone’, and comes free with touches and sex. But production also starts when you sing. And party you feel completely “Zen”. Just like the “Singer in Red”.


42 cm hoog en +/- 30 cm breed en 20 cm diep

Tot een afstand van 150 km vanaf Enschede kom ik het beeld persoonlijk en gratis bij u afleveren.

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